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Denver the Last Dinosaur

He's your friend and a whole lot more!

Storyline: Filled with magic, warmth and friendship, "Denver: The Last Dinosaur" revolves around the adventures of a fun-loving dinosaur and his group of ingenious young friends: Jeremy, Mario, Wally, Heather, Casey and Shades. Pursued by fortune seekers, Denver always finds himself in the middle of unexpected adventures!

Recommended for viewing by the National Education Association for its engaging, non-violent storylines, each episode provides quality entertainment for viewers of all ages.

Episode Information: 50 half-hour episodes.

Characters: DENVER and his loyal friends Jeremy, Wally, Shades, Mario, Heather, and Casey. The unscrupulous concert promoter Morton Fizzback.

What's For Sale: Series available for broadcast, cable, video distribution in worldwide markets. For information please contact


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